Monday, July 4, 2011

Spyware and malware removal tool

Every once in a while on the internet, you come across some free software and game that look interesting.

Your first thought is "there's no risk, it's free"


The way most software and games developer monetize their "free" program is by installing spyware and malware that will either collect your browsing information to send it to a third party or spyware and malware that present you with unasked advertising that "pop" out on your screen or when it's not spyware and malware that install a toolbar a the top of your browser that do nothing else than reducing your view space.

Here's some spyware and malware removal tool to easily get rid these sneaky program from your computer right now:

  • When installing any software or game, make sure your read the installation process, some software will ask you if you want to install some extra features, simply uncheck the box for the installation of any extra unknown tool then the main one you intended to use. You will still be able to use the main program while keeping the spyware and malware out.
    • Do not worry about multimedia file. Picture, audio and video file cannot be programmed to install spyware and malware like game and software can
        • Go download Spybot search and destroy right now, Spybot search and destroy is a free and safe spyware and malware removal tool that will clean a lot of these sneaky program that plague your computer. This probably won't get rid of all the spyware and malware but for a free service, it's doing a great job.
          • To be 100% sure everything is clean and run smoothly, I highly suggest you get your computer scanned by NoAdware. It's been used by 45 million people in the world. You can try it for free right now.  In my opinion, there's no better spyware and malware removal tool to get rid of all the unwanted spywares that are stored on your hard drive.
                To make it simple, pay attention to what you install and make sure you have a good spyware and malware removal tool. Most of the time, you can prevent the damage before it happen and by doing so, you are not messing with the registry of your computer by installing and removing too much program. See my post on how to clean your computer's registry so it process your command faster and easier.

                Truly Your's