Sunday, November 14, 2010

How to keep your private information... private

There's a lot of information on your computer that can be available without you knowing. Every website you've visited left a trace in your computer that can be recognized. All the files you have downloaded leave a trace even after been thrown in the recycle bin.

Not only these files are hidden deep within windows but when you accumulate a lot of them, they will slow down the speed of your computer. It might be some cookie, browsing history, recently visited documents, or temporary folders, they don't belong in your computer.

Here's how to make sure you don't share your personal information with the whole world:

  • If you are using Firefox, witch I highly suggest, go to "tool" on the top menu, click on "Clear recent history". This take a second and will already take care of part of the problem.
      • Get your computer scanned by Netduster, an incredibly efficient service.

        Be aware that these tools will erase all your private information including your internet history, temporary files, cookie, recent document, search engine autofill text box and more. This will render these functionality obsolete. But who would want some functionality that tell the whole world everywhere you went on the internet for the past few month.