Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Firefox or Internet Explorer, witch one is better?

My definition of "better" is a browser that you don't have to worry if the last site you visited infected you with some spyware that you'll have to try to remove afterward. I highly suggest you stick with Firefox, a stable, user friendly and safe replacement of internet explorer.

The reason Firefox is safer than explorer is that it doesn't use activeX. This feature of internet explorer attract spywares like honey attract flies, they love it. Without having to go too deep in the subject, the important thing to know is that Firefox allow you the same browsing capability, safer.

Here's how you can change of browser without loosing your favorites /bookmarks
  1. Open internet explorer:
  2. On the top left, click on "File"
  3. Click on "Import and export"
  4. Click on "next"
  5. Click on "Export favorite" and then '"next"
  6. Highlight the top "favorite" folder and click "next"
  7. Save your favorite file somewhere on your computer
  8. Click "finish"
This will create a file named "bookmark.htm"

Now download and install Firefox. To import your bookmark, follow these steps:
  1.  On the top left, click on "Bookmarks" 
  2.  Click on "organize bookmarks"
  3. Click on "import and backup"
  4. Click on "import HTML"
  5. Select "from an HTML file" and click on "next"
  6. Retrieve the file you saved from internet explorer and click on "open"
Et voila!

Since I spent some time on the phone recently explaining this step by step process to a friend, I thought it might be useful to you.